Toilet Seat ... Up or Down???

Well, when a guy and gal share toilet facilities, a problem can arise.

If she is used to being alone, then she'll leave the toilet seat down and expect to plop down when needed.

If the guy is being considerate, he'll lift the seat when doing a "number one" so that he does not splash all over the seat ... and besides ... when the seat is up, the target is bigger.

If the guy forgets to put the seat back down, then when the gal goes, (without looking) she may fall into the toilet. Besides the shock of the cold porcelain and splashing into cold water, she may become stuck.

Naturally, this will cause a big crimp in their relationship, especially if he has to pry her out of the toilet.

So, what to do??? He could leave her there ... with her legs waving in the air ... or take a picture and post it on the internet. If she is really abusive and screaming and threatening it may be best to call 911 and let the professionals handle it.

I read some place that when a toilet is flushed, it "burps" and can "spew" all kinds of bacteria into the air which can result in some really weird mold growing on the bathroom walls.

So the best solution is to always put BOTH the toilet seat and the toilet seat lid down when done and then flush. This way, bacteria stays in the toilet and nobody gets stuck.