Who is Peeka??

When I lived on the east coast in upstate New York, my kids got a little baby kitten. He was a plain old American tom cat with black and gray stripes. As a kitten, he was very cute and would always "peek" from behind corners and would cause us to say "peek-a-boo" whenever he would do this. As a result, his name became "Peeka".

As he grew older, he would always greet me when I got home from work, regardless of how late I worked, and then follow me into the house.

Peeka was mostly an outdoor cat. There were woods behind our house and he would go prowling and checking out his territory each day. Some kids in the neighborhood layed out traps and Peeka was caught in one of them. Saddly, he had to have his rear paw amputated ... and also had to be "fixed" because he would be at a disadvantage when subcoming to the urge to compete for the favors of a female cat.

Even with only three paws, he was a good hunter. As he got older, his fur became so matted that it was like a coat of armor. When he was hobbling around the back yard, some birds would swoop down and hit him hard enough to knock him over. He would act like he did not see them and the birds became careless. One day he picked off a dive bombing bird and they left him alone after that.

Peeka lived to a ripe old age of about 30 years. I was told that one day in the spring he went to all members of the household and rubbed up against them and was very friendly. He was saying his good-byes. A day or two later they found him under a bush where he had laid down and peacefully passed away. They buried him in the garden overlooking the woods. It would be nice if we all knew when our time was up and could do the same with all of our friends.