Ever wonder what happens when a person passes away? Well, here are my thoughts on this subject. These thoughts are private and should not be publicized for the reasons that you'll see as you read this.

Back in the 1970s, the church that we attended had a bible study group that would meet at different people's homes. I'd never been the type of person who was really into religion. When I did attend church services, I would find myself mentally arguing with what the pastor, father, preacher was saying as they were preaching their Sunday sermon.

One day, the bible study group met at our house and I went off to read a book. For some reason, they wanted me to join them and I was put on the spot to offer my opinions about heaven and the requirements for being accepted there, one requirement being that the deceased had believed and accepted the "savior".

On the spur of the moment, I came up with the following thoughts.

It was hard for me to accept that all the good people throughout history and thousands of years prior to Jesus would be put into limbo just because they had not been "saved". Instead, this is what I believe really happens.

If they judge themselves as having lead a good life, then they will see themselves entering Valhalla, or the Happy Hunting Grounds, or Heaven, or whatever.

If they judge themselves as not having lead a good life according toi their society and religion, then what they have been taught as Hell will be there for them. This then becomes their eternity.

So what does this mean? To me, it means that I should not cause a person to have doubts about what they believe in as right and wrong. If I do, then I would affect their "eternity" and this, in turn, would be a "bad" thing for me to do and thus also affect my "eternity". It also means that a death should be peaceful, and not painful.

If the death is painful, then that person's "eternity" will be the last feeling/thought they have ... which is pain ... regardless of what their religion or belief promises them.

If someone believes that harming other people is good, then they should be stopped by any means. These people are really affecting the "eternity" of those they harm by causing painful deaths. Every religion has some form of compassion and these kind of followers are surely violating the tenents that they were taught.

Finally, I also believe that this applies to any form of life. The more aware the creature is, the more I believe that it also has it's own "eternity".

As for myself, I try to gather all kinds of thoughts and experiences that I consider pleasent. I would like my "eternity" to be pleasing and full of good thoughts and deeds and one of those thoughts is that I did not cause anyone to doubt their "eternity".

But there are many things that I did do that I wish I had not done, and many things that I did not do and wish that I had done. At this time of my life, I look for the simple things, like a really nice sunset, the smell of a spring breeze, bright sunlight shining thru the trees into a meadow, bright blue skys, songs I like from the 70s and 80s, etc. I know that these items do not involve people and they probably should though the loves of my life have all gone down different paths.

That is why I'd like to keep this private and not for any kind of public desemination.